BMBI President, Frank Fascia and Scholarship Chair, Wendy Chramow congratulate Samir Boodhram (L), Ashton Goring (C) and Erik Lopez (R) for being selected as the 2023 BMBI Scholarship recipients

The BMBI Scholarship fund was founded in 2018 to reward members of the BMBI family who embody our mission of Building a Better Community Through Baseball.

Successful recipients who have made significant contributions within BMBI receive financial aid for post-secondary education.

Purpose of the Scholarship

    • To be given to a member of the BMBI family who has had significant contributions within the association; and
    • To award financial aid for post-secondary education.

Funding of the Scholarship

    • BMBI will provide the financial awards from within its own operating budget and/or in partnership with community partners; and
    • The financial award - how many and what amount will be awarded, will come forward yearly as a recommendation from the scholarship committee.  A final decision will be made based on what the BMBI operating budget will allow as voted on by the executive.



President, Frank Fascia congratulates Caleb Chranow (L) and Nathanael Roberts (R) for being chosen the first annual BMBI Scholarship recipients in 2018.


  • Awarding the scholarship:
    • September - Scholarship Committee requests that a scholarship be provided for the following year;
    • November - BMBI scholarship budget is passed by the executive
    • February 1st - Scholarship applications open;
    • June 15th - Scholarship applications close;
    • June 30th - Scholarships are determined; and
    • Awarding of the scholarship provided when tuition is due or commencement of school, whichever comes first

Scholarship Criteria

  • The applicant will provide written confirmation of an average grade of 75% or higher;
  • The applicant will demonstrate their involvement within BMBI and how they are "Building a Better Community Through Baseball".  This will include playing on a team, umping, and volunteering for BMBI; and
  • The applicant will submit 2 reference letters. Please see submission instructions

Administration of the Scholarship

  • The scholarship committee will be made up of a minimum of three and a maximum of five BMBI executives.  Each year the committee members will be determined in January.  The members will:
    • Ensure that the scholarship timeline outlined above is followed; and
    • Evaluate all applicants and choose the successful candidates.
  • A maximum of three community members will be added to the scholarship committee when they have provided funds towards the awards.
  • Conflicts of interest must be declared by members of the scholarship committee upon review of applications.  When necessary, the BMBI President will be asked to resolve any conflicts in the awarding of the scholarship(s).

Apply for a BMBI Scholarship Today

Apply for a 2024 BMBI Scholarship before applications close June 15th, 2024

Our Sponsors

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